Waitangi Day is a public holiday in New Zealand. It is celebrated every year on 6 February as this date marks the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. The signing of this Treaty founded New Zealand, as it incorporated the country into the British Empire and it outlined specific issues regarding sovereignty, possession and rights of citizenship for Māori.

Today, this day is celebrated with street festivals, public concerts and there are also cultural events aimed at making people more aware of Māori culture. This day also falls during the hottest part of the New Zealand summer, so many locals take the opportunity to go to the beach and enjoy the last few days of the holidays.

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Waitangi Day Calendar

Waitangi Day 2014 : Thursday
Waitangi Day 2015 : Friday
Waitangi Day 2016 : Saturday
Waitangi Day 2017 : Monday
Waitangi Day 2018 : Tuesday

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