23 Tamaki Drive

4 miles from Auckland city centre


Do you want to find out more about the birdsong of penguins, the fierce sting of rays and the gentle turtles? This place has enough sea life to keep you fascinated for hours. The animals are treated well in their carefully recreated natural habitats, all of which are located underground. The penguins have 3 tonnes of crisp, new snow made for them every day. You will also find tunnels through tanks of brooding sharks, lively seahorses and a life-sized replica of explorer, Captain Robert Scott’s, Antarctic hut. For those who like a touch of horror in their sea life, visit the gruesome piranha and see them reduce lunch to bones in seconds!

Access to the attraction is made easy with the shuttle bus service. Buses are cheap and run frequently from the Skycity centre at the bottom of the Skytower. It is open every day of the year from 9am until 6pm.


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