Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant is located on the corner of Pakeham St. and Custom St. West.

Viaduct Harbour


This spacious venue, within 8 years, has quickly become the most highly regarded Chinese Restaurant in Auckland. With a capacity of over 300, this is the perfect setting for bigger functions and also a lively setting for romantic meals.

Noodles, Dim Sum, dumplings and rice make the basis for fine seafood, duck and beef. Flavours range from black bean and soya sauce to local specialties from Singapore and Xia-men. The Hong Kong trained chefs push their excellence and offer new specialties every 3 months to give the menu a new dimension to explore. You could try "Yum Char". This a style of more informal eating with family, over tea and dim sum and is another popular way to take your food at this traditional venue.

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