Auckland city square was named after the Maori for the Great Barrier Island, which lies 50 miles out to sea. The surrounding area holds many other businesses and buildings of interest such as the Town Hall, Aotea Conference Centre and a multiplex cinema.

The Town Hall is renowned worldwide for its inspiring acoustics, and the Aotea Conference Centre displays some important works of art by New Zealand sculptors and artists.

Many of the sculptures in the square itself are a reflection of the influences on New Zealand today. There is an impressionistic rendering of a traditional Maori gate with intertwined people, animals and trees, and symbols such as the CND-peace sign. This relates the importance modern Kiwis place on a peaceful, green and nuclear-free future.

The square is the meeting point for most of the biggest outdoor events. It has played host to rock gigs and festivals, protests, and a few gentler activities too. The craft markets held here are amongst the most diverse on the North Island. It is packed with rich cheeses, New World wine, locally caught fish, Maori designs, toys and jewellery.

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