The Netherlands

Perhaps one of the most radical countries in Europe is The Netherlands, a nation which never ceases to surprise us. From its canal networked cities to political powerhouses, tulip filled gardens and kitschy beaches – this country has something to shock and attract everyone.

The heart of the Netherlands lies in Amsterdam, its liberal capital which is home to the most famous red light district in the world and the popular coffee shops where you can purchase nothing less that your favourite concoction of cannabis. Hire a bike and sail around the city in true Dutch style… what better way to get into shape while on holiday?

Follow the history of the country as told through paintings by artists as famous as Vermeer and Vincent Van Gogh in Amsterdam’s art museums, or visit Anne Frank’s House and find out what life was like for her during the Nazi occupation of the The Netherlands.

Some of the most important European Institutions are located in The Hague (Den Haag) and the largest port in Europe is located in Rotterdam. Or if it is peace and tranquillity you are in search of, why not take a wander through the tulip oasis in Keukenhof Gardens.

From windmills to clogs, cannabis to canals, The Netherlands will leave you with unforgettable images and memories which will make you will either want to run away or never leave.