Plaza de la Constitución,
Centro Histórico,
Ciudad de México

The historic centre of Mexico City was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 and is one of the treasures which remain of the former Aztec capital. Taking a walk through the streets of the historic centre will unveil the history of this civilisation which initially inhabited these lands, with impressive buildings constructed over the 300 years of colonisation.

The most important feature of the historic centre is perhaps Constitution Square also known as Zócalo. It is one of the biggest squares in the world and the religious, political and social centre of the city, with craft stalls, spontaneous performances and lots of passers-by. This is also were the daily hoisting and lowering of the Mexican flag takes place.

The Catedral Metropolitana de México, the largest cathedral and the oldest in Latin America is also located in this area, along with the Aztec Temple, Templo Mayor which was destroyed by the Spanish colonisers. The National Palace and the National Art Museum are other attractions which can be enjoyed in the area.

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