Put on your sombrero and knock back a tequila as Mexico awaits you….
Located in the south of North America is Mexico, a country with architectural wonders, colonial towns and industrialised cities, each one with its own unique beauty and history.

Discover the largest pre-Colombian city in the American continent, Teotihuacán, where you will see some of the most spectacular Mayan and Aztec ruins in the world. Or why not tour the country and contemplate some of the most fascinating natural beauties you can only ever imagine; from the desert landscapes to the peaks of the snow capped volcanoes such as Popocatépetl which lies south-east of Mexico City. Take a few days to relax and sip a margarita on one of the beaches in the city of eternal sunshine, Acapulco, or enjoy a cultural trip to Mexico City and visit the historic centre (El Zócalo).

If you want to immerse yourself in the Mexican culture, Guadalajara is the place to go. Enjoy fajitas or enchiladas in a Mexican restaurant and a night out Mexican style in one of the many bars and clubs in this city.

Whether you want to surf down the Mexican pipeline, discover the flora and fauna in a Mexican jungle, or examine the archaeological ruins of ancient civilisations, Mexico is the place to go.