Labour Day is a public holiday in the USA and Canada and it is celebrated on the first Monday in September. For most Americans and Canadians, Labour Day is not only a day to remember the Labour movement, but it also marks the end of the summer as primary and secondary school term begins the following day.

Labour Day is often a day of relaxation. However, political speeches and parades are held in most American and Canadian cities, and some candidates for office make an appearance when Labour Day falls on an election year. Other events organised are fireworks, barbecues and public events. Most families also spend the day together or take the opportunity to get a weekend away somewhere before the school term begins.

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Labour Day Calendar

Labour Day 2009 : Monday 7 September
Labour Day 2010 : Monday 6 September
Labour Day 2011 : Monday 5 September
Labour Day 2012 : Monday 3 September
Labour Day 2013 : Monday 2 September
Labour Day 2014 : Monday 1 September
Labour Day 2015 : Monday 7 September
Labour Day 2016 : Monday 5 September
Labour Day 2017 : Monday 4 September
Labour Day 2018 : Monday 3 September

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