Narita Airport,
which is known as Kokusai Kuko Kodan Shin-Tokyo in
Japanese is around 41 miles east of Tokyo and
receives most of the international air traffic which arrives in Japan. The
second main airport in Tokyo is Haneda Airport
and it operates national air traffic. This airport is 10 miles south of Tokyo and is connected to
the centre via Tokyo Monorail and Airport Limousine.


The route
between Narita airport and Tokyo
city centre is covered by the Narita Express which is a high-speed train
and the Skyliner train service.
The Airport
runs from Narita Airport to the main hotels in the centre of Tokyo, Haneda Airport and the train terminals Tokyo City Air and Yokohama.


The Shinkansen network of high-speed trains
or bullet trains are clean, fast, punctual and they run services throughout the
country. This service is one of the most popular methods of travelling within
the country and is one of the best ways to see the rest of Japan.




Public Transport
in Tokyo comprises
of the railway and metro services which network the city and they are used by
around 20 million people each day.
The Tokyo metro is the third
largest in the world with 12 lines managed by two companies.


Tokyo Metro
manages eight metro lines which interlink with the four Toei Subway lines and
the rest of the city transport, monorrail and tramway. By obtaining a T-Card
(Passnet) you will be able to use all the public transport in the city.


There are
seven main train stations in Tokyo:
Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Shimbashi, Shinjuku, Tokyo and Ueno.
of the main railway lines, Yamanote Line, interconnects these stations and the
metro stations in Tokyo.
six of the eight high-speed trains (Shinkansen) arrive into Tokyo Station which
is the main station in the city.


Another way
of travelling within the city is by the bus service known as Toei Bus.
is the recommended method of transport for short distances.


There are transport
services designed for tourists such as Tokyo Sightseeing Tours and The Grey
Line,  and they both run a service to the
main tourist sites in the city.


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