13-9 Ueno Koen, Taito-Ku, Tokyo.

Uneo Park in the centre of Tokyo is home to lots of tourist attractions, one of which is the Tokyo National Museum which is the largest and oldest museum in Japan and has a large collection of Asian and Japanese art which includes paintings, calligraphy, decorative art and archaeological objects.


Tokyo National Museum has a number of galleries within the building, such as Honkan, otherwise known as the Japanese Art Gallery where there is a collection of sculptures, ceramics and art from Japan’s history; the Tōyōkan which is an impressive Asian Gallery with 10 rooms displaying objects from Japan, China, Korea, India and even Egypt.


Another gallery in the National Museum is Heiseikan, the Gallery of Japanese Archaeology which includes a collection of objects which date from the prehistoric period until the 19th century.


Hyōkeikan is an interactive museum and education centre where you can look, touch and study Japanese culture. The museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens with lots of tea houses and a Horyuji Treasures Gallery.

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