Tanabata Matsuri- Star Festival

The annual Star Festival is held in Tokyo on 7th July. This celebration is based on the ancient Chinese legend regarding the meeting of two stars which are usually separated by the Milky Way. Altair Katsujiro and Vega Shokujo were two lovers which represent the stars. According to the story, the lovers could only meet once a year on 7th July.

People usually celebrate it by writing a wish or a poem on a piece of coloured paper and hanging it from a bamboo tree. Japanese couples also give a ring to their loved one on this day. The night after this festival, the bamboo branches with the offerings are thrown into the river. It is also popular to sing the Tanabata.

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Tanabata Matsuri Calendar

Tanabata Matsuri 2014 Monday
Tanabata Matsuri 2015 Tuesday
Tanabata Matsuri 2016 Thursday
Tanabata Matsuri 2017 Friday
Tanabata Matsuri 2018 Saturday

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