Sumo is the national sport in Japan and is more than 1,000 years old. Surprising the sport has not changed since it was first invented and sumo wrestlers, known as rikishi, still wear their hair as they did during the war celebrations and they wear a special silk belt which weighs between 16 and 30 stone.

The match takes place in a small ring known as a dohyo which measures 4.5m in diameter. The wrester who throws his component out of the circle, or if one component pins the other to the floor using any other part of the body other the foot, is the winner.

The best place to go if you want to see a match is Ryogoku, an area in Tokyo where there are lots of sumo stadiums, sumo stables and chanko restaurants.

The most famous stadium in Ryogoku is Kokugikan Stadium which can host more than 10,000 spectators, and is used as the venue for three of the six annual sumo tournaments which are held in Japan each year. If there are no tournaments to be held during your stay in Tokyo you can go to the heya or sumo stables where the wrestlers live and train.

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