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Onsens are Japanese
hot springs which come from the underground volcanoes and there are
approximately 3,000 in Japan.


It is
believed that onsens help to cure illnesses such as rheumatism and circulation
problems, and that having a regular bath in public helps you to be a more
sincere person.


taking a dip in the onsen you will have to shower thoroughly to adapt your body
to the high temperatures of the water in the onsen and to clean yourself before
bathing in a public bath. Many onsens are single sex, but there are also mixed


Once you
have washed yourself and removed any traces of soap, you can enter the onsen.
Tourists or anyone who is not used to taking baths in such hot conditions are
advised to take breaks between bathing as they are not used to the heat. You do
not have to wear a swimsuit when bathing, but you must take a small towel to
dry yourself. Open-air hot springs are known as rotenburo.


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