Another popular attraction is the artificial island, Odaiba which is located in Tokyo Bay. It was built around 10 years ago and the best time of the day to go is at sunset when you will see images of this city bathed in the suns rays – truly spectacular.

It is also a top tourist attraction for those who love shopping, with lots boutiques, shops, coffee shops and restaurants. Or if it is relaxation that you are after, why not take a dip in an Onsen public bath at Oedo Onsen Monogatari which uses thermal water from more than 1,000m under the ground.

In front of Odaiba is Palette Town with a huge 115m high Ferris Wheel which is a great way to have a get a bird’s eye view of Tokyo. There are a number of museums, shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities in this area which are popular among many locals and tourists.

Some of the other attractions on the island are the Fuji Television Building, the shopping malls, Aquacity and Decks Tokyo Beach, the Museum of Maritim Science and Rainbow Bridge.

Tokyo Travel Guide | Districts in Tokyo

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