Koishikawa Kōrakuen
was designed in 1629 and is Tokyo’s oldest and
prettiest park. It covered around 65 acres of land when it was built by the
Mito Tokugawa Family as a second residence in Edo, the former name of the Japanese
capital, Tokyo.
However, today it is around 17.5 acres as it was reduced in size during Tokyo’s modernisation

The garden was
landscaped using Chinese stones, plants and fountains and is renowned for its
glowing beauty in the spring when everything starts to bloom and in the autumn
when the trees change colour.

The garden
has many Chinese elements and it is one of the only Japanese gardens which has
been declared National Historical Site.

If you need
to find a place of peace and tranquillity within the stress of the city, you
should go for a walk in the gardens beside Osensui lake and disconnect from the
hustle and bustle.

Tokyo Guide

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