Japan is made up of four islands Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku. Located on Honshu Island is Tokyo, the capital and largest city in Japan with more than 12 million inhabitants and 23 municipalities. It started out as a small fishing town more than 400 years ago and it was not until 1603 that it became the capital, and since then it has grown into the financial centre of the country. Travellers to Japan are usually surprised by the culture and the old traditions which continue to play an important role in Japanese life.

Tokyo has remained a somewhat traditional society; however, it has also become the symbol of modernism with its huge skyscrapers and it has been strongly influenced by western cultures as Tokyo has its own Times Square, just like in New York and it has reproduced its own Eiffel Tower which is known as Tokyo Tower.

This city is the perfect destination if you are looking for something different and a chance to learn about a country which has a very exciting history and culture.

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