Spontini is located on Corso Buenos Aires near Piazzale Loreto.

Via Gaspare Spontini 4,Milano


Located on Corso Buenos Aires since 1953, the pizzeria Spontini is a good restaurant to try if you are on a budget and want to try authentic Italian pizza during you stay in Milan. The pizzas are prepared in a stone fired oven. The interior of the restaurant is simple and the pizzas are exquisite. Spontini Restaurant is closed on Monday and during the month of August.

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  1. Alfred

    I agree with the first comment – the bird’s nest hidrao… and the sophisticated/fun colour. It manages to pull it to a higher level, giving the look a more interesting vibe and deeper personality. I adore the clashing florals and, with that, the gold accessories… the gold handbag and the wonderful way that she has TWO so different handbags.Oh, and photo-wise, the insouciance with which she holds her glasses gives it an edge.A beautiful example of how style is not affected by age.Chapeau!

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