Solferino Restaurant in Milan is located in the very centre of the city in Brera district.

Via Castelfidardo 2, Milano


This restaurant was opened in 1909 in Brera district in Milan and it specialises in Milanese cuisine. If you want to sample something from the lunch or dinner menu, Solferino is ready and waiting to take your order. Take a break from shopping in Milan and have a bite to eat in Solferino which is located in one of the busiest areas of the city.

The two international chefs at Ristorante Solferino are Savino Antonacci who prepares the starters on the menu, and Francesco Centaro who specialises in preparing the meat and fish dishes. There are also a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Some of the favourites on the menu at Solferino are osso bucco with risotto and fish tortellini.

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