Teatro alla Scala
Via Filodrammatici 2,


Scala de Milan is one of the most prestigious operas in the world, as well as the birthplace of lyric art. This theatre was built on the ruins of the former Scala Theatre by one of Visconti’s wives: Beatrice Regina della Scala.

Scala Theatre was opened in 1778 with the opera written by Salieri, Europa Riconosciuta. Most of the greatest Italian composers opened their masterpieces at this theatre, such as Verdi with Babbuco, Bellini with Norma and even operas by the German composer, Richard Wagner. In 1945 the theatre was partly destroyed during the Second World War, but was reopened three years later.

Since then, the theatre has been used as the venue for a number of ballets, operas, and by artists such as Maria Callas, the popular Greek artist in 1951.

To find out more about this architectural masterpiece, go and visit Scala Theatre. It retraces the theatrical history and includes a visit to the auditorium.

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