Cimitero Monumentale
Piazzale Cimitèro Monumentale 1

Monumental Cemetery in Milan designed by Carlo Maciachini and was opened in 1866. Today, the cemetery is an open-air museum where you can see the burial chambers of people belonging to all denominations. However, there are special areas for non-Catholics and Jews.

It is considered an honour to be buried in this cemetery and the price of the land where you are buried is very high. Visitors to the cemetery must entry via il Famedio, the temple of Fame, which is a large building used as the resting place for a number of renowned Italian and international names such as Maria Callas, Verdi, Marinetti…

Take a walk through the cemetery and see some of the most extravagant tombs you can only imagine, and watch out for famous names such as Alberto Ascari and Antonio Ascari. There are also sculptures of the Tower of Babel and Leonardo Da Vinci’s table in the painting of the Last Supper.

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