Duomo di Milano

Milan Cathedral, also known as Duomo di Milano is the symbol of the city. It is one of the most beautiful Gothic monuments in Italy and one of the biggest in the world. Its spires are 108m high and have become one of the most renowned features of the city’s skyline.

The cathedral was commissioned by Visconti in 1386 and it took several centuries to complete which explains the mixed architecture of the building : Gothic, Baroque and neoclassical.

The Gothic facade is decorated with Biblical scenes and the doors are the entrance to Milan’s history. The sheer size of the cathedral is unbelievable, as well as the five naves and large quantity of columns.

A visit to the church comes to a vertiginous climax with the ascent to the roof of Duomo which boasts fantastic panoramic views of the capital of Lombardy. This is a tourist attraction not to be missed!

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