Brera Art Gallery
Via Brera 28

Brera Art Gallery is one of the largest galleries in Italy and one of the richest in terms of paintings in the world. Amongst the 600 masterpieces on display, it is home to masterpieces by Italian artists from the Renaissance period and the 20th century.

The indoor court of the gallery is where you will see a huge Roman-Greek statue by Canova which represents Napoleon, who founded the museum in 1809 to display valuable objects which he brought from the Italian countryside.

The museum boasts one of the largest collections of Venetian and Lombard paintings from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, such as Pietà by Bellini, The Discovery of the Body of Saint Mark by Tintoretto or the Death of Christ by Mantegna.

Titien, Véronèse and Caravage’s paintings are also popular attractions at the gallery. Amongst other remarkable works of art in Brera Art Gallery, it is worth mentioning The Altarpiece by Montefeltro de Piero della Francesca.

An entire room is dedicated to 20th century paintings by Morandi, Boccioni and Modigliani.

The museum also houses the National Library which was founded in 1770, where you can consult more than one million literature, philosophy and social science books.

The museum is closed on Monday.

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