Bergame is a magnificent medieval town about 31 miles north-east of Milan. It has two cities, the lower city and the upper city, also known as the historic centre. La città, the upper city is surrounded by ramparts which protect the historic monuments in the city. This mural dates back to the 16th century Venetian Period and has four huge doors.

The historic centre of the town is the area which surrounds Contarini Fountain and this is where you will find the most important monuments such as the Palazzo della Ragione, Duomo, Colleoni Chapel and Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica. The Civic Tower still rings one hundred times everyday at 10 p.m. to announce the closing of the city gates.

You can also visit the archaeology museum and natural science museum which are found in the citadel.

The upper and lower cities are connected by a railway, shuttle bus, car and for those who like the fresh air, there are stairs.

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