The Carnival of Venice dates back to 2 May 1268 and it is one of the oldest and most popular carnivals, along with the famous Brazilian carnivals, in the world. However, unlike Rio Carnival which is celebrated in the heat of the summer, the Carnival of Venice celebrates the arrival of spring, as it is believed that this is the season when anything is possible.

Today, you will find ornate masks being sold all over Venice. These masks are worn during the Venetian Carnival and they are what make this event unlike any other. In the past, citizens would hide their true identity and social status behind a mask, and so for the carnival period Venice overturned social order.

Every year the carnival has a different theme and the heart of the celebrations take place in San Marco Square. People from every corner of the world come to take part, experience and observe Venice Carnival. Compare airfares and find cheap flights to Venice with eDreams.

Venice Carnival Calendar

Venice Carnival 2014: 22 February – 4 March
Venice Carnival 2015 TBC
Venice Carnival 2016 TBC
Venice Carnival 2017 TBC
Venice Carnival 2018 TBC

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