Dublin 2

O’Connell Street is one of the widest streets in Europe and one of the busiest in Dublin. It is lined with shops, fast food restaurants and pubs. Its neighbouring streets are Henry Street and Abbey Street, which all form the main commercial area in the city. You will find many great bargains in the shops and the best places to go are shopping centres such as ILAC Centre or Roches Stores.

There are various monuments in O’Connell Street, as well as the General Post Office which was used as the headquarters for the Republican Army during the 1916 uprising. The balcony of the General Post Office is where the leaders of the rebellion declared the Irish Republic.

There are some famous statues in O’Connell Street, such as the O’Connell Monument and the Statue of James Joyce; however, the most famous is probably, The Dublin Spire. This is a 120m high spire which was erected in 2003. It is more commonly known as the spike and replaces the Nelson Pillar which was destroyed by the IRA.

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