Grafton Street
Dublin 2

Grafton Street starts beside St. Stephen’s Green and is a pedestrianised street which is busy at all hours of the day and night as it is the entertainment capital of Dublin. You will find restaurants, cafes and shops along Grafton Street, such as the famous department store, Brown Thomas, and the oldest coffee shop in the city, Bewley’s Oriental CafĂ©.

The bronze statue of Molly Malone is located at one of the street and has been there since the end of the 20th century. It has become one of the icons in Dublin and is used as a meeting point for young Dubliners. It represents a woman selling fish and there is a legend that Molly Malone has her own song which is called Cockles and Mussels and if you go to Dublin you will probably hear the song being played in souvenir shops.

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