Jalan Raya Tebongkang No. 33
Ubud – Gianyar


Sobek pioneered white-water rafting in the 80s, and to this day, still maintain the highest standards of safety and enjoyment. You have two rivers to choose from, each offering a physical challenge and amazing scenery.

The Ayung River choice takes you down deep valleys, carved from years of erosion, past Hindu temples, waterfalls and noisy rainforests. Your fully trained instructor will help guide you though the thrilling rapids which crash around your boat. The Talega Waja Experience provides similar adrenalin fuelled moments, with a few more waterfalls and a change of sights to admire on the way.

You will be provided with food and drinks before and after, and there are safe and clean places to put your valuables and to take a shower. Be sure to bring a change of dry clothes.

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