The south-west and south-east coasts are the best areas to find consistent Bali surf.

Padang Padang Beach, Kuta beach, Sanur Beach

The old myth has it that the Australians discovered a land of great
surfers here on the "Island of the gods". Although people have been
surfing here since the 1930s, the Australians were responsible for
bringing the more serious equipment from the 1960s onwards.

People come from around the world to learn to surf in Bali on the
gentler, scenic beach breaks, and experts come to risk all on the
reef-breaking barrels. The climate in Bali makes it possible to surf
all year round with only a thin short-sleeved wetsuit. There are strong
currents and many people get into trouble in the waters around Bali.
Talk to locals and guides to find out about any local conditions,
currents and hidden reefs.

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