Pura Besakih Temple
18 miles from Ubud

The Pura Besakih complex is one of a group of special sites in Bali and if you spend long enough here, you might be able to explore the 28 different temples. They are spread around the cultivated gardens and jungle backdrop, and range from individual shrines to towering carved pyramids, complete with areas to pray and make offerings to the gods. There are fantastic views from most of the site, which is located halfway up the side of Mt. Arung.

Be warned – unfortunately, as with any of the large religious sites on Bali, there are many hawkers, people posing as guides, touts and assorted scams. The most common are "compulsory guides", offers of motorbike trips up the hill and "religious offerings". You do not need to take a guide or pay attention to any of the offers or fees at this site. Stand firm, accept nothing, barter with nobody you don’t want to, and you can enjoy the site freely.

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