Set on the edge of the Indian Ocean and the Bali Sea, with several
shallow reef areas, volcanic outcrops, wrecks and lagoons, Bali is a
diving dream. You can learn to dive in Bali, if it is something you
think you would like to try, or simply rent equipment or hire a boat if
you are more experienced. The clear, warm waters provide a comfortable
environment and good visibility to swim around the teeming corals or
plunge deeper towards decaying warships: home to sharks and eels.

Amongst the abundant sea life, you might get to see octopus, rays,
sunfish, turtles, pipefish and dolphins. By day, you can catch some
amazing photographs, and night dives are available if you want to view
the nocturnal life of the ocean.

Bali Travel Guide | Activities in Bali

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