Indonesia is a transcontinental country which comprises of more than 17,000 islands of which around two-thirds are inhabited. Given the vast array of islands spread over such a large area, both north and south of the equator, it is not surprising that there are very diverse ethnic, linguistic and religious groups in the country. Indonesia invites you to discover the beauty that awaits you on every island.

Every island of the Indonesian archipelago has something unique. Perhaps not the most appealing destination is Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia. However, what appears to be an overpopulated, hot, polluted city does actually provide the key to discovering Indonesia’s history, culture and much more. With more museums and galleries that you can imagine, a trip to Jakarta is a must if you are captivated by this country of diverse cultures.

A popular destination for relaxation, sun, sea and dining is Bali. Bali is perhaps the most enchanting island with its elegant temples and rituals, beaches, restaurants, spas and natural beauty. Bali is a tourist-friendly destination where you will feel at home straight away.

If you are looking for adventure, book your trip to Sumatra. This island has everything from volcanoes to jungles. A holiday in Sumatra is not for relaxing with so much to see and do. Alternatively, travel to Sumba and experience the tribal traditions and culture of an isolated island which is bursting with life and heritage.

So take your pick from the islands of adventure and pleasure which await you in Indonesia.

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