India – Travel Guide

Visit India and discover the second most populated country in the world which will captivate and stun you with its diversity, disorder and immensity. It is a country which attracts thousands of visitors each year who come to see the famous Himalaya Range in the north, Deccan Plateau in the south and Thar Desert in the west. So delve into India and look beyond the shocking levels of pollution, traffic and disarray to explore the inner peace and tranquillity within this country of spectacular natural and manmade wonders which lie waiting to welcome you.

Any journey to India is not complete without visiting Delhi, the chaotic capital renowned for its majestic temples, vibrant cultures and hectic traffic. Connaught Place is the commercial and business centre of the city and is a hive a activity with lots of shops, noise and movement. Or visit Red Fort which will leave you speechless when you see its huge walls which have become one of the architectural phenomenon of the city. Another must-see is in Agra, a city outside the capital which lies on the shores of the Yamuna River. It is home to a masterpiece which has become not only the symbol of India, but also one of the most famous buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal.

Step into Bangalore and experience India’s most budding city with shops, upmarket restaurants and gardens. Take a trip to the coast and relax on one of the golden beaches in Goa or visit Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay and renowned as Bollywood, the capital of the Indian film industry and nightlife. Explore the wonderful desert city of Jaipur in Rajasthan in the north of India- you will be amazed at what each place has to offer.

A trip to India includes uncertain but pleasant surprises which you must take in your stride as this is what adds the Indian spice and excitement to any travellers agenda making it very difficult to leave.