Frauenkirche, Munich

Frauenkirche is located in Ludwigsvorstadt, a district west of the city centre. It was built in 1468 and its famous towers with their Gothic onion domes were completed in 1488. The towers measure around 99m high and can be seen from all over the city centre. If you visit the church you can climb the south tower from which you can see fantastic views of the city and the Alps.

Today, this catholic cathedral has become a major landmark in the city. Apart from its towers, it is renowned for its famous legend that the devil came to visit the church when it was completed and began to laugh as the builder had supposedly forgot to fit windows in the church. The devil’s footprints are said to be at the entrance of the building, from which the windows of the church are hidden. However, if you move further into the church, you will see that there are in fact plenty of windows.

This is a beautiful building with an interesting history and lots of artwork to be admired.

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