Spandauer Damm 10-22

Charlottenburg Palace was originally located in the outskirts of Berlin but it was absorbed by the expanding city centre in 1920. It was built in 1699 and was Queen Sophie Charlotte’s summer residence; however, it was taken over by the Hohenzollern Family following her death and the doors were closed until Frederick II of Prussia came to power in 1740.

Charlottenburg Palace has a baroque style and is available for guided tours. The best part of the visit is seeing where Sophie Charlotte and Frederick I used to sleep as the rooms have a Rococo style and they are very extravagant. You can also see the Goldene Galerie which shows how parties were celebrated in the palace.

You can find out more about the gardens and the palace by attending a musical evening held in the palace greenhouse. These evenings include a dinner and concert and on special occasions there are guided visits and meals held in the palace.

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