Potsdam Square in Berlin was a very busy trading area during the 19th century; however, it was left in ruins as a result of the Second World War bombings and the construction of the Berlin Wall.

With the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of east and west, it has become sole of the city and a symbol of the New Berlin. It is where you will see the tallest and most modern buildings in the city.

The semi-circular tower measuring 103m and made of 2,500 tonnes of steel and glass is perhaps one of the most symbolic buildings in this square and houses the Deutsche Bahn AG and the Sony Center. The Sony Center is made up of seven individual buildings which include offices, apartments, cinemas, restaurants and Sony’s European Headquarters.

At nightfall, the square is lit up with the colours from the Sony Center, there are places to sit, a central fountain and the Berlin International Film Festival is held once a year in this square.

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