Hardenbergplatz 8

Berlin zoo is located in a park which covers 395 acres and opened its doors in 1955 in the gardens of the Friedrichsfelde Palace. The zoo currently has a collection of 14,000 animals made up of 4,000 different species, some of which are the only type in Europe. The star attraction is Knut, a little polar bear.

There are other special areas in the zoo, for example the Alfred Berhm Building which houses wild cats and the Tropical House which has plants and birds. The snake farm houses the biggest collection of venomous snakes in Europe.

Friedrichsfelde Palace is located within the zoo and what you will see today is a restored version of this palace which was damaged during the Second World War. It houses an art collection which dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Concerts are also held in the palace. The Aquarium is another attraction and you will see this in the Budapester Street.

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