Friedrichstraße 43-45

The Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer) separated the Federal Republic of Germany from the German Democratic Republic and it measured 75 miles long. This wall became a symbol of the Cold War, oppression, separation and isolation for Berliners and many people died trying to cross it as it was strictly controlled by border guards.

In the 1980s some of the member countries of the Soviet Union opened up their borders which led to the opening of checkpoints along the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989. This night also marks the fall of the Berlin Wall when Berliners demolished it after 20 years of being a divided city.

Some parts of the Wall still remain today; the most famous at Mühlenstraße Street which is painted by 118 artists. This is the longest part of the wall which has been conserved and it measures 1,000m long.

It is also recommended to visit Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most famous crossing points in the city which has been kept as a reminder of what the Berlin Wall meant and shows its history through objects and testimonials by those who risked their life to cross the wall.

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