Berlin is the capital of Germany and is located in the west of the country between two rivers; the River Spree and the River Havel. The city was formed when two towns, Cölln, the island in the River Spree and Berlin located at the edge of the river, joined together.

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The city has experienced a lot of changes in the last few years having lost two World Wars, suffered a severe economic crisis and experienced a gruelling dictatorship. These events may be in the past, but you cannot avoid seeing the evidence of them throughout the city. From the pedestrian traffic lights in the form of little Ampelmännchen used in East Berlin, to the remaining parts of the famous wall which divided east from west, the historical heritage is overflowing in this city.

Today, Berlin has over four million inhabitants and has become one of the most influential cities in Europe. It is its historical and cultural heritage which has made Berlin a top international tourist destination with more than 150 theatres and auditoriums and 170 museums, and today it is the venue for one of the most important international events, The Berlin International Film Festival.