Musée Rodin
Rue de Varenne, 79

The Rodin Museum in Paris is situated in the Hôtel Biron, a huge house built between 1728 and 1730. When the landlord of the house died, the new owner gave the house to a catholic association which used the house as a convent. The building was rented by various artists, one of which was Auguste Rodin who decorated the walls and gardens with his artwork.

When the state bought the property in 1911, Rodin agreed to donate his artwork provided that the building was converted into a museum dedicated to his work. And so the Rodin Museum opened in 1919 displaying a large collection of sculptures, paintings, engravings and artistic photographs. Some of the most renowned masterpieces in the museum are The Thinker and The Kiss. The museum also has a 7.5 acre garden which displays some of Rodin’s sculptures.

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