Esplanade des Invalides and Place Vauban

It was King Louis XIV who commissioned Les Invalides in Paris to house and take care of wounded soldiers and homeless war veterans. It was built during the 17th century (1670-1674) and before the turn of the next century it had already taken in 4,000 pensioners. Today, the rooms used by the soldiers have been converted into museums, so you can see where one of the most famous soldiers, Rouget de Lisle, the author of the French National Anthem, stayed.

Some of the best features in the building are the Cathédrale Saint-Louis-des-Invalides, the Eglise de Dôme, which is a private royal chapel, and the golden dome, which has been covered in gold five times. There are also various museums in Les Invalides, the most important being the Army Museum and the Royal Gallery.

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