The Disneyland Resort in Paris is about 20 miles from Paris. Arriving at the park is like stepping into a new world or a fantasy land which is great fun for both children and adults. Disneyland is more than just an attraction park as it has 68 restaurants and more than 50 shops as well as hotels. This resort really does cater for everyone.

There are 52 attractions housed within the park, from roller coasters to themed attractions such as the Pirates of the Caribbean. There are even special rides for small children. Meet some of your favourite Disney characters at the elaborate shows or take park in some events which give you the opportunity to take the stage along side you favourite friends.

Disneyland is a world in itself where everyone is guaranteed entertainment and fun, whether it be at the hotel golf course, tennis courts and ice rink or taking a breath of fresh air as you thunder down one of the roller coasters. You decide how you want to enjoy it!

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