Place du Parvis, 6, île de la Cité

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is one of the oldest gothic style churches in France. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is located on the Île de la Cité de Paris which is an island in the River Seine. It was the Bishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully, who commissioned the church in 1168 and it was not finished until 1345, which makes it an important historical building have been used for many important events such as the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte and the beatification of Joan of Arc.

This 130m long and 40m wide cathedral is famous for its gargoyles, windows and gardens which give it a mysterious ambience. Explore all five naves and 37 chapels of Notre-Dame, or climb the 255 stairs up the tower where the famous hunch back of Notre Dame was said to live according to the children’s story.

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