Parvis du Sacré Coeur, Rue du Chevalier-de-la-barre, 35

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris is located on the highest part of Montmartre. It was built between 1875 and 1914 in memory of those who died during the Franco-Prussian war; however, the church was not consecrated until 1919 when the First World War ended.

It is built in the form of a Greek cross and its most important feature is the 80m high dome. The building also houses the largest mosaic collection in the world and is renowned for its bell known as, the Savoyarde which is the one of the heaviest that exists today.

There is a funicular which runs from the bottom of Montmartre to the base of the Sacré Cœur. From the dome of the cathedral you will see panoramic views over the whole city of Paris which make the visit worth the effort.

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