The main airport in Prague is Ruzyne International Airport which is 12.5 miles north-east of Prague. There are also two other airports in the Czech Republic, Brno-Turany Airport and Ostrava-Mosnov Airport.

Ruzyne International Airport offers regular connections to other European cities and there is a bus service called Express Bus which offers connections between the airport and the centre of Prague. The regular bus service also offers connections between the airport and the city centre every 20 minutes. Another alternative is to take a taxi from outside the airport.

Prague is very accessible by train from most European countries as it is located in the centre of Europe which also makes it a popular destination for travellers with Interrail and Eurail passes. The main train station in Prague is Hlayni Nardaz, where the majority of international trains stop.

If travelling by road, coach is probably the simplest way of getting to Prague. Eurolines is just one of the many companies which connects different European countries. Another option is to go by car. However, you will need to get a Vignette (road tax) which will allow you to use the motorways in Prague. These can be obtained at the borders or at petrol station.

Public transport

The best way to visit Prague is by foot as most of the tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other. However, you will have to use public transport to visit the areas which are slightly further away.

The metro in Prague consists of three different lines (green, yellow and red) which stop at 41 stations throughout the city. The metro also connects the inner city of Prague. Many of the metro stations also offer connections with the tramway which is more popular than the metro as it operates after midnight.

The bus service operates within the city and its suburbs both during the day and by night. You can purchase public transport tickets at any tourist office or kiosk.

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