Prazský Hrad

The largest and most important church in the Czech Republic is Katedrála sv Víta, a Roman Catholic Church in Prague, located within the famous Prague Castle. This Gothic temple was built during the 14th century, but it was not finished until the 20th century and it was used for coronations of all the Bohemian kings. The church is famous for its Gothic architecture and three towers, the highest measuring 100m.

Up until the 19th century, the main entrance to the church was via the Golden Gate which given this nickname because of its mosaic of the Final Judgement and statues of 14 saints. The Royal Pantheon is where Kings, bishops and archbishops were buried as well as Saint John of Nepumuk.

One of the most significant places in the cathedral is the Chapel of Saint Wenceslas with its Gothic style paintings and it is located in the place where Saint Wenceslas was executed and now buried. The visit includes seeing the crown jewels, the cathedral treasure and the church library with 125 illustrated manuscripts.

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