Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Europe is the Czech Republic, a beautiful country which is still relatively unheard of despite joining the European Union in 2004 and being home to one of the most popular tourist destinations, Prague. Divided into two main regions, Bohemia, which is in the west and Moravia which is in the east, this is a country with incredible architectural treasures and natural beauties which will enchant and captivate you.

One destination which cannot be overlooked by any visitor to the Czech Republic is Prague, the largest city and capital of the country which has a rich cultural heritage captured within the monuments in the city. Take a walk through the historic centre which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1992 and discover the historical buildings which were miraculously spared from the atrocities of the world wars. Some must-sees are Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the Jewish quarter of this wonderful city.

The Czech Republic is a place which can be visited at any time of the year with something unique about each season. Christmas in Prague is a winter wonderland with markets and snow. Spring is the perfect occasion to go to Šumava National Park or visit one of the other cities when there are less tourists, and summer is the busy period and the best time to go camping in the Czech mountains or sit and watch the world go by in a cafe with a glass of Czech beer.

Rest assured that the Czech Republic has lots more to offer. Its architectural riches can also be found in towns like Telč, which has Renaissance houses and a castle which have both been declared World Heritage Sites. Or perhaps a small city like Český Krumlov in the south of Bohemia is more your idea of a relaxing holiday with morning walks in the fresh air. There are plenty of places to visit such as Tabor, Trebon, Mikulov and Brno. The hardest part is deciding where to go.

So don’t wait any further, whether it is a romantic weekend break, a family holiday or fun trip, let the Czech Republic be your destination; let it charm you with its old theatres, castles, music and literature-you won’t want to leave.