Coney Island was an island in the borough of Brooklyn in New York, but it is now a peninsula which is renowned for its amusement park with more than 35 different attractions. The most popular park on Coney Island is Astroland which is home to the world’s most famous rollercoaster, the Cyclone. This ride was opened in 1927 and is still open today and has been copied throughout the world.

Apart form Astroland theme park you can also visit the New York Aquarium which is home to around 350 species of aquatic life. There is also a museum and a promenade, circus, Go-Kart City and the headquarters for the baseball team the Cyclones.

There are lots of restaurants and fast food stands on Coney Island, the most famous of which is Nathan’s hotdog stand which opened in 1916 and quickly became the symbol of the peninsula with an annual hotdog competition on 4 July.


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