301 Front Street West

The CN Tower in Canada or the Canadian National Tower was the highest structure in the world, measuring 553.33m. Construction of the tower began in 1973 and it was opened in 1976 to improve communications in the city which had deteriorated because of the skyscrapers which were shooting up all over the city.

Since it was built, it has become one of the most famous attractions in the city with tourists coming from all over the world to scale the building.

The first stop on the way up the tower is the outdoor observation level with a glass floor standing 342m above the ground. Climb a little further to the next observation level where you will find the CN Tower coffee shop, Horizons Café at 346m high.

On the top floor of the tower is the Sky Pod which stands at 447m and is the most popular attraction. It is the highest observation point in the world and on a clear day it boasts very impressive views over the city centre and its outskirts.

Another attraction which welcomes more than two million visitors each year is the 360 restaurant which is located at 351m high and offers panoramic views over Toronto.

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