When you are planning your trip to China, you must make sure that you go for as long as possible. Try to visit more than one city so that you can experience everything that this country has to offer.

Go sightseeing in China…..China has a long and glorious history which has resulted in lots of traditions and practices. For example, Taoism is Chinese Buddhism which is practised in Taoist Temples, the largest and perhaps most famous of which is Baiyun Temple in the capital of China, Beijing.

Go shopping in China….China is also famous for its lavish culture which is why most tourists go to Beijing’s famous Silk Street in search of silk carpets, porcelain, calligraphy and art. Taking home a piece of Chinese culture is just one of the ways to remember your visit to the world’s second largest country. Shanghai is said to be the commercial capital of the country and it is where you will find big brand names.

Go dining in China…..Perhaps one of the first things which comes to a Westerners mind when you say China, is Chinese food. China is renowned as a gastronomic heaven and its most famous dish, The Beijing Roast Duck, has been described as the “No. 1 Delicious Food In the world.” Quanjude is the most famous restaurant in China for roast duck. There are Quanjude branches all over the country.

Go trekking in China…embark on an adventure and see The Great Wall of China; take the Chinese tourist boat along Yantze River or try an overland tour of Tibet and see stunning views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest.

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