Photo New York Marathon 2014

New York Marathon

The New York Marathon is one of the most important races in the world and has around 90,000 participants each year. The main attraction of the marathon is not only the $500,000 prize, but also the chance to win in front of around two million spectators.

Photo North West 200 2014

North West 200

North West 200, 2014: Saturday, May 17th

The North West 200 was first held on 20 April 1929 and today it is renowned as the largest outdoor sporting event held in Ireland. It was christened the North West 200 because the original race was intended to be 200 miles long and to take place through the streets of North West Ireland. The present day race is held on the North Coast of Northern Ireland and covers the triangle circuit between Portrush-Coleraine-Portstewart.

Photo Malaga Fair 2014

Malaga Fair

Malaga Fair takes place mid-August and lasts about nine days. It commemorates the success of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando in 1487 in reconquering Malaga. The opening of the fair is held on a Friday and is celebrated with a huge fireworks display at midnight. It is the most important of the Andalusian fairs which take place during the summer period.

Photo Christmas and New Year in Prague 2014

Christmas and New Year in Prague

Christmas is one of the nicest times of the year to visit Prague. Markets where you can buy typical Christmas food, crafts and sweets are set up in Old Town Square and this is also where the city Christmas tree stands dominating the area.

In Peace Square you can buy candles, incense, Christmas decorations and crafts. Mulled wine is also served adding to the Christmas cheer.

Photo Tango Festival 2014

Buenos Aires Tango Festival

Buenos Aires Tango Festival 2014 : TBA August

One of the most popular events in Buenos Aires is the annual tango festival which takes place in August. If you travel to Buenos Aires during the festival you will be able to experience the fun and see live tango shows in bars and restaurants as well as theatres.